Sunday, March 29, 2009

Native American collection

I mentioned in an earlier post about my collection of Native American art-baskets, rugs, pots, etc. (See above.) So thought I'd show you some of my decorative shelves around the house. I've been collecting for years-a piece here and there. I've even written a poem about kivas and mesas top ruins. I must be part Native American but can't find any evidence in my genealogy only in my husband's.

A Kachini doll bought from a young Hopi girl in Santa Fe, NM-used to represent deceased ancestors in cermonial dances. The Native American flute I made in a class. The rock art image is from the Lost City Museum in Overton, Nevada-from Anasazis probably. The pot was a retirement gift from Ute Indians when my husband retired after working for the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Ft. Duschesne, Utah.

A Kumeyaay (from Baja California) basket made of willow branches with their leaves still on. They held acorns and were stored high in trees or behind rocks for safe keeping. Later the acorns were ground for flour. The willows contained aspirin in the leaves which was quite pungent and keep boring insects out. A large stone was placed on the lid to secure their food storage.

This small Navaho wall hanging is based on sand paintings used by medicine men for ceremonies to restore health, purchased at Cameron Trading Post in Arizona many years ago-one of my first authentic pieces.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Irish Ancestors?

The closest I can get is Elizabeth Durrah Wilkins who was born in Scotland...but her parents lived in Ireland at times depending on economic conditions. I always have felt a leaning toward celtic music and Irish dancing so Ireland must be in my blood or DNA somewhere. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Don't forget to wear green today. Tell us about your Irish ancestors...if you have some.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Greetings to anyone visiting my blog for the FIRST TIME as well as my regular readers which include family and FRIENDS. Sure would like to have your comments and feedback on my efforts. (Click on the comments link for instructions on how to get registered with Google if you aren't already.) I plan to continue providing tips on doing FAMILY HISTORY RESEARCH occasionally but will return to my former FOCUS of including everyday happenings, poetry and personal views. Hope you'll bookmark my blog and become a regular reader who comments.

Well, the FAMILY HISTORY EXPO of the past weekend is now a memory and I have new goals and adventures in mind for the future. I'm reading Julia Cameron's book on The Writing Diet: Write Yourself Right-Size. Great ideas...and I am loosing weight about 1 pound a week. Slow and steady. The principles she writes about are so cool. I love the idea of making a TA DAH! list at the end of the day of things you have accomplished that day. It's more motivational than a TO DO list-(although I still use that too). Try writing down your accomplishments daily and you'll be amazed.