Sunday, February 1, 2009

Family History Blogtime

Time to get serious about my upcoming opportunity to teach others "how to create a family history blog." Later this month I will be teaching a class on that subject at the Dixie Center for the Family History Expo 2009. So, I'm challenging myself to focus all my posts this month on different aspects of genealogy or family history.

I hope to cover:

(1) WHAT is genealogy or family history?
(2) HOW to get started
(4) HOW TO INTERVIEW family members
(5) ORGANIZING your data
(6) RESEARCH TIPS and FINDING Internet Cousins
(9) LESSON PLANS for teaching classes
(11) ARTICLES from my column
(12) REUNION and ideas to involve YOUTH

Any other areas you'd like to learn about?


  1. I'll be looking forward to reading these posts, Lin. You offer such great insights and practical steps.

  2. You are a natural teacher as that is a great lesson plan. Every class starts with a great plan in place..

  3. I've decided that time is like a fixed income... the challenge lies in learning how to live within our budget or daily allotment.

    I want to learn more about Family History. BTW: Isn't that a much, much better term than geneology? It personalizes it so much more. Anyway, as I was saying... this is an interest I have. I've been leary to get into it because it seems like such an overwhelming project to try and fit into my time income allotment. I'm really looking forward to your posts this month as it allows me to learn, peak my interest further, and become involved without taking a HUGE chunk out of my day in the early stages of learning.

    I'm so stoked about this, Lin! Great idea!!!

  4. Hey Mom, by the way, do you know when the Ensign article about family history blogging will be published? I remember you telling me it got accepted by the Church sometime last year, seems like it's been quite a while since you mentioned it though. Anyway best of luck with all the future blogging and teaching of blogging! =)

  5. I'm looking forward to your posts about the class, will hopefully give me incentive to work on mine more frequently. It is such an awesome task, slow and steady will get me there though.